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Go to the website

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Everyone................go tho the website. there's lots of stuff there.
I'm not surre what I think .............I like some of what they've done...........but mostly, I'm disappointed. Probably listened to some asshole who told them what people in America wanted............What I wanted was what they already had in Japan with a slightly larger engine (1.5) and a 6-speed manual. They tried too hard and Changed it too much. I will still check it out further, I kinda like it, but pretty much, they phucked it up as I predicted they would. Couldn't leave well enough alone. I'm thinkin'.......4 years of anticipation wasted. Hope to hell I'm wrong when I can check one out close up. :'( ???
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I've been trawling nissanusa and all the news all day and I still can't tell if the rear seats come out in this version.
The website just underwent a MAJOR revision
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