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Hey all! I've been a car lover since I was 16...fell in love with Scions in 2004 and have owned 2 since. I help found and am still the president. I had a 2006 Release Series 6.0 xB (the bright green color with the tvs in the headrests etc...) that I had put over $5,000 into and a 2004 white xA. I love xBs and how different they are. I was a little ticked when the body style was changed to a little less boxy-that's what appealed to me with the xB. I saw a picture of the Cube for the first time today and BOOM! I fell in love. I will have to decide which car to get this spring...a New Cube or an older boxy xB again. I love being able to customize my cars, so I will have to continue my research on the Cube. Does anyone have an idea of how much the Cube's base price will be?

I'll be around here often! I can't wait to get to know everyone and learn more about the Cube! ;D
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