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Folded Horn Bass Box

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Hey guys just wanted to post my newest Cube Audio project. This is a rounded horn bass box and amp combo that I am building for my Cube. Using a 8" shallow mount Pioneer sub and a Pioneer GM-D7400M Mono Amplifier. I chose to build a rounded horn to reduce wave distortion that can happen in folded horn bass cabs.

About the box:

The box is constructed from 1/2" ply and 3/4" bass wood home made ply that has been steam formed to mild steel forms. Used a conventional hand held steamer and built a steaming chamber out of my bath tub to steam the wood into shape. The project was started mid august, and it taking quite a bit of patience. This is my progress thus far as of Oct, 3. The checker pattern is done in stained balsa wood and has been coated in an 1/8th inch of poly resin. All sheets of Bass were coated in polyurethane and it is surprisingly rigid. 1/8" copper rods will deliver power to the sub form the amp listed above. The amp will be fan cooled with a thermal transistor controlled 12v fan in the end. The sub down-fires, and the box will port at the top of the box. Looking forward to completing the project and anticipate having about 2 months left until finished. The box will be carpeted in the end and should be no taller than 6" leaving plenty of room for storage in the back. I also will have two 12"x12" viewing windows on the top to view the amp and sub enclosure. I will post more photos as the project progresses and if there is any interest. Questions and comments welcome.



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Awesome project :)!

It looks as though you're using aproximately constant cross-section for roughly the first half of the path to the horn opening. Any particular reason for that? Also did you calculate the inner chamber size for the driver, or is that just the way it worked out? Just curious :)!
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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