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Fog Lights on the Krom

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Hey guys, I was wondering for the few Krom owners on here if they know or even tried to install foglights. Is there a wiring harness for the foglights still there like on the regular cubes? If anyone finds out please let me know, I have some foglights that tuck in between the grills and want to know what is in there before I get into it.
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Oh interesting, I did not notice that one. So the KROM has no Satellite radio AND no fog lamps! WOW.

If you read the manual the towing option is completely different too, why? Why would the SL tow differently than an KROM?
I think the towing options are different because of the rear bumper, That is all I can think of. But I am installing some foglights soon, of course not factory ones. I bought a new stalk with the fog light switch and hopefully Nissan decided to keep all the plugs and wires and what not in the Krom. If not I am going to have to play around a bit with some wiring.
Even if you have to do a complete install fog lights are pretty easy. Having the stock switch even better. My switch is on the turn signal, and they can be set to AUTO.
Awesome, got everything i needed in and installed. Everything was still there, just ha to cut some wires to install the aftermarket fog lights.

There are some pictures up here
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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