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First service/oil change

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Had the first service and oil change done in the Cube yesterday. It took way too long... but due to having to work late I didn't even have to take it and wait... my bf did! :D And the best part was that the "free oil changes" that came with the car that all of my friends swore would not be free... didn't cost me a penny (for this trip at least!).
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Good for you and congratulations on a painless service experience :)!

I got three oil change freebies with my vehicle purchase and I used the first one to switch to synthetic oil. Unfortunately, the dealer put in higher weight than the manual calls for, and the technician scratched up my driver's door sill paint with his sandy grit covered sneakers :(!

They charged me the dealer price difference for the synthetic, which I guess is to be expected. However, I've decided the "freebie" oil changes are actually far too expensive. I'll take care of them myself in future :)!
Thinking of car washes, the only car wash I'd trust would be an undercarriage wash to remove winter salt. I wash the rest myself, which I guess incorporates a hassle factor, but there's also a satisfaction factor when you're done :)! (What's especially scary to me is the automated Wash&Wax service -- problem being the wax is most likely being applied over at least some dirt the wash failed to remove :(!)
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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