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First Cube Road Trip

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I decided to break in the cube by driving from Delaware to Texas and back for my family vacation. Total mileage was 3,920.

I didn't take the time to manually calculate the MPG, I reset the fuel computer at every tank and my average mileage was 29.4. I have no doubt that this would have been higher if I had not been taking full advantage of the 70MPH speed limits all the way down. My cube was also loaded to the ceiling with luggage, coolers, etc. so that didn't help I am sure.

The cube performed well on the highway, the CVT provided a wonderfully smooth trip while in city traffic and had no problems trucking through the mountain regions of Tennessee.

One of things I am most impressed with is the power of the Air Conditioning. I haven't had AC this cold since the death of Freon. My Cube's AC is off the charts, I never had to run it at full strength even in the record-setting temps while in Texas. The day I arrived in Texas I drove through the town of Goldthwaite and the temp was 104. It must have been in the 60's in my cube.

At the end of the trip I was extremely pleased with how well my little cube handled itself, and my only regret is that I now have over 5000 miles on it and I haven't even made the first payment!
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wow great news for us all! You cant beat that mpg with all that stuff you had packed!
I'm glad that the Cube performed so well on the trip! I make my first payment in a couple of days. :(
Awesome. Sounds like a great time. Don't worry about those miles, wear them as a badge of honor. 8)
if it makes you feel better, you get the award for most miles on a cube so far! :p
I did a similar road trip the first week I bought my white pearl cube. I drove from Vancouver, WA to Wenatchee, WA and back (approx. 750 miles) and it averaged out to 31 mpg. Impressive!
I agree on the A/C it is money as Guy would say...

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