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finally ordered our caribbean blue 6-speed 1.8S cube!

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phew! after all this time, my boyfriend and i finally have finally purchased a cube!

well, we committed to the purchase anyway. unlike most of you, we opted to order ours instead of buying one from a dealer's lot. we were dead set on a caribbean blue 6-speed with light grey interior and no accessories, so we figured it would be worth waiting to get exactly what we wanted. and wait we will - our shiny new cube will not be here until october at the latest :( just in time for halloween!

we worked with the fleet manager's assistant, who got right down to basics and priced out an excellent deal for us in less than an hour. for anyone who wants to order a car, go through the fleet manager at your dealership! it's his or her job to order cars, so you won't have to deal with any fluff; just make sure you know exactly what you want and that you're 100% serious about ordering because that's what he/she is used to. i'm very glad we went this route because we got the car for the fleet price, which is the same as the invoice price.

i doubt any of the other dealerships in the area would have given us a better fact, i was surprised the salesman offered to sell the car to us for invoice, though we'll have to shell out $500 for a dealer fee they tack onto all of their sales. unfortunately, we will also have to pay $380 for a special protective coating on the exterior and interior, but that was also non-negotiable and is at least a useful thing to have. oh, and we were obligated to purchase the splash guards and interior package because supposedly they come with each cube order. i didn't really believe that, but it's not a big deal since we were going to order those things from ebay anyway ;)

we put $1000 down on it and will pay the remainder (~16,500 after our ridiculous 8.1% tax, not including any rebates or discounts that might crop up later on) upon its arrival at the dealership. now all we have to do is wait!

PS. a little about me...i'm 23, female (shh, don't tell anyone), and live in aurora, colorado with my boyfriend.
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Welcome! My dealer also tacked on a "paint protection" fee ($899). We all know this is complete BS... I guess I could have walked at that point, but to where? Only one other Cube within a reasonable distance to where I live.

thanks :D supposedly the paint protection stuff works, though dealers obviously mark it up a ridiculous amount. but there was absolutely no way he was going to sell it without that (though when we go in to buy the car, i might whine about it and hopefully get them to throw in some free stuff). there is another dealer about the same distance away from our house, but we went with this one because it's a just few blocks from the bf's office.
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