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Favorable article from - 04/05/08

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Here's a nice first impression from Jean Jennings at

-Rear seatbacks that flop down easily from the back access, making it simple to improve cargo space as you find you need it.
-Impeccable choice of colors (ecru and sepia interior trim) and materials (checked cloth seats and door inserts, interesting plastic textures and patterns, creamy plastic temp controls)
-HUGE visibility
-Four-wheel-drive button on dash
-Nice sunroof, rear defrost and wiper, keyless ignition
-Proper hand straps in the back to hold the dry cleaning

The Cube is way more interesting to me than the Scion xB, especially since its wimpy redesign. This is a vehicle I'd consider owning.

Please come soon.

Thank you,
Jean Jennings
The entire article can be found at the <a href="">Automobile Magazine Blog.</a>
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Another article from from a different author.

I've always had a thing for the Cube as it is simplistically attractive. It's my favorite of the box cars. I love the details and the funky cloth interior. The asymmetrical rear end, C-pillar area is great. Nissan is supposed to bring the Cube to North America soon and I'm quite certain it will be better tuned for the USA than this Japan-spec model. The 1.4-liter engine and column-shift four-speed automatic combination struggles to power this box on wheels. Sure, it's fine for running around town but merging onto the highway is best done with plenty of planning. It actually goes down the road quite well but it has absolutely no sporting intentions at all. The e4WD system is quite interesting but I understand it only works up to 25 mph so rally slides at higher speeds are out of the question. Overall, I'm eager to see what the U.S.-spec Cube brings.
The entire article can be found <a href="">here.</a>
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