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Door sill carpet problem

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Just a heads up.

We have had our S model for 2 months and I noticed that the driver side carpet had pulled away from the door sill area.

We took it to the dealer and they just popped the door sill up and put the carpet back under it. They said it's pretty much hollow because of some wiring that passes through that area. I'm thinking of cutting some foam from one of those "egg crate" matress covers to fill that area. I don't remember pressing down in that area though.
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I think someone else mentioned something about having a similar problem recently.
yeah, someone else had that problem. if you figure out a more permanent solution, be sure to post about it :yes:
Those of you with this problem - do you have floor mats?
I do.

And as of then no one had ridden in the back seat.
3M Makes a great spray on glue that I have used to make custom molded carpet fit exactly. This may be a situation to use it.
It's not really an adhesive problem it's more like if you take the spare out of the trunk(in a car that has that) put just the carpet back and then press down where it used to be. There is a void there where some of the wiring goes through and if it happens again I'll just put some "memory" foam in it.
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