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Hello everyone, I have just one question for ya...does YOUR Cube have a theme song?

Mine does. I happen to LOVE music. My Cube and my iPOD are basically one, that's why I really want to amp up my Cubes sound ASAP so I can enjoy my music and my Cube even more.

ANYWAY, I got an album titled
"Total Magique" by WE ARE WOLVES a while ago, which are an electric/indi/punk/badass-fun-music kind of band from Canada. I was cruising in downtown Austin late at night, when I got to the last track on the album. The song is called TOTAL SOLIDE, and once it came on, I thought to myself, "This song was made just for you". Of course I was talking to my Cube, doesn't everyone?

The song is only electronic music with some instruments, and only a couple of distorted robotic words are spoken. I imagine it being the song on a cool, futuristic, colorful, and weird Nissan Cube commercial. I recommend you guys give it a listen, even if electronic music isn't really your cup of tea, just so you could hear what Im talking about. :yes:

But enough about me, any of your cubes have a theme song that exemplifies its personality, or a song that you just love playing while your driving?
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