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DIY LED Accent lights?

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I was looking around the site and was looking at some of the cool lights they have and was wondering how hard it would be to install your own LEDs under the dash that were wired in to come on when the headlights are on? Or would you want to have a separate switch? I'm just looking for basic reds and don't need 20 different colors.
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I do not know why it wouldn't work, a 12v source (the headlights) with such a low amperage draw from the LEDS, should be ok? Engineers, LED specialists chime in here. ;-)
This is a wicked easy mod. Yes the LED's use no real power. I would suggest using the 12V accessory (AKA cigarette lighter) from the rear as your power source. You can add any color you wish and add a switch.The stock has a switch next to the shifter.

I would not tap into the headlight system for an auto on option, you could do it but if something goes wrong you may be out headlights and the fuse is a much higher amperage. I saw the garage door opener high beam headlight mod and like the idea but it seems over complicated.

Radio Shack has plenty of switches and you could even get the stock nissan switch to manage your LED mod.

I am doing this but I have other things that are coming first. :yes:

This site has a lot of fun projects to do including LED mods for automobiles (from making your own, to just installing them from a kit)
Hi-TecDesigns should write us up a mod on the best way to do this and a parts list.

Hint,Hint ;)
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