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Did anyone trade in their gas guzzler for a cube?

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Just wondering if anyone traded their gas guzzler for a cube?

i have a dodge nitro and am gonna try to trade it in for a cube just depends on what they offer for it.
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I traded in my 06 350z on one that gets 20.5 mpg which sucks. Im waiting for the bill to pass and try to get a 3500 deduction as well!
I had a VW Golf TDI before I bought the Cube, and that car got close to 50mpg. I sold that over a year ago, and bought a Honda Big Ruckus Scooter that gets 75mpg! :) I still have it, but needed to get a car again, so I went with the Cube.
So I guess you could say, I bought a gas guzzler getting the Cube, compared to the other vehicles I've had! ;)
I traded in a 1999 Dodge Dakota 5.2 liter V8 four wheel drive, it got 14 miles per gallon in the city and 17 on the highway. Yeah, this Cube gets twice the MPG of that thing.

What I am saving in gas money and maintenence every month, that makes up for the extra 140 dollars a month I am paying on the car payment.
whitewlf00 said:
Just wondering if anyone traded their gas guzzler for a cube?

i have a dodge nitro and am gonna try to trade it in for a cube just depends on what they offer for it.
I've wanted a Nitro for at least a year now... but it just wasn't practical for me... too big, too expensive, low fuel economy, etc. Still love them though!

I traded in an SUV that averaged 18-20 mpg (city) most of the time... I'm loving the Cube's fuel economy!
Scrapped a 95 Dodge Caravan that barely made 400km on a 63L tank. That engine was going to blow sooner rather than later, though . . .
I did.. Did that "cash for clunkers" program yesterday and got my cube.. :)
I "clunkered" a '98 Blazer with 219,499 miles for my Cube on Tuesday!
Traded in a 1999 Jeep Cherokee that "on paper" got 16mpg. I spent as much a month for fuel as my payments are for the new ride. About $250.
I traded a '06 Silverado Work truck for mine. I almost doubled my gas mileage! And it's the funkiest cool car I have ever driven. This small Southeast Missouri town is full of people rubber-necking it just to see what it is.
I stripped a 1995 Q45 like a chop shop and still got my $4500 from the dealer 8)
I did the cash for clunkers deal with my 1990 Volvo Wagon. It got 22 mpg but the government rated it at 18 mpg combined for the program. The Volvo had over 220,000 miles on it. Still ran good but leaked and burned oil, A/C didn't work, various power window switches didn't work, sunroof wouldn't close if you opened it without helping it, rear wiper didn't work, heater fan made a horrible screeching noise unless it was on defrost, transmission would sometimes jump out of overdrive, chewed through brakes (four disc brakes with rotors that can't be turned, just replaced, about an $800 dollar job each time) - just a lot of little problems.

It might have made it to 300,000 or something real expensive could have happened soon, who knows? I figured I should jump at the chance to get $3500 for it when nice ones with no problems go for $1500 tops.

I have a really long commute so I hope to save about $100 per month on gas. And my three kids love it. :)
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Both my cars get/got 30+ MPG, so I really did not move up with the Cube. In fact, the Saturn wagon gets about 38 on the interstate... this is with 170,000 miles and much neglect from the previous owners! American cars really amaze me.
I traded no vehicles in and I now get worse gas millage :yes: but I like the style of the Cube and I trade up between vehicles during the week.
I traded in an '02 Mazda Tribute. On a good day, she was getting close to 15-16 mpg.
I traded a 2003 Ford Crown Vic LX in for a Cube and got the max CARS rebate. The Cube was one of only 2 vehicles I found that had enough room to fit my recumbent bicycle and give the max CAR Rebate. The other was a Rio Soul, not even close on quality and more expensive.
I traded in a 1988 Ford Ranger via Cash for Clunkers. I have several vehicles and it wasn't driven often lately. My daily driver had been an Isuzu VehiCross that got 13-14 MPG and now I am driving the Cube and the VehiCross is not getting driven often.
my daily driver is a clunker POS to me but per it's getting combo 22MPG and my actual measured 25-26.5 (mostly freeways driving)!!! i am surprised tha POS still giving me that kind of mileage!! it's a 93 toyota pickup truck 2wd 4-cylinder manual transmission all banged up and sh!t

oh well, wished i could have qualified so i could get a white or caribbean blue or moss green!!
I had a 98 Dodge Conversion Van. With a good wind I might have gotten 14mpg. It was the family van. We took many trips from Boston to Orlando in it. Took me 2 days to strip the interior down. But do to family & lifestyle changes I "clunked" it for a shiny new Super Black SL...
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