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Denki Cube to visit the UK

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Nissan Press Release:

When you manufacture one of the world’s most capable supercars, yet are simultaneously developing the emissions-free vehicles of the near future, what better way to showcase that technology than at the hugely popular
Goodwood Festival of Speed? Thus, while examples of Nissan’s seriously fast racing machinery and production sports cars will once more be pounding up the hill, the event also marks the UK debut of an altogether different Nissan, the Denki Cube electric vehicle concept. And putting in its first UK showing is the second generation Murano which goes on sale here later in the year.
Denki Cube Concept: square, white and very green

In the UK for the first time is the amazing Nissan Denki Cube Concept. This highly individual design can be found in Goodwood’s Technology Pavilion which brings together examples of possible future modes of transport from around the globe.

Nissan’s latest concept serves to preview Nissan’s future small car strategy for the world market and is based on the current generation Cube, something of an icon in Japan and one of the company’s most popular cars in the domestic market.

In place of a petrol engine comes an electric motor powered by laminated lithium-ion batteries manufactured by Automotive Energy Supply Corp., a joint venture between Nissan and NEC Corp. The battery structure offers more power, energy and stability and the compact size aids packaging flexibility.

And the car’s seemingly strange name? All pretty logical really: ‘Denki’ is the Japanese for ‘electric’ and ‘Cube’ aptly describes its appearance. In a world of curves, the Cube is very much the antithesis of traditional automotive style – square, minimalist and asymmetrical – yet it is also warm, practical and has a certain charm.

Denki Cube Concept is all about enjoyable efficiency and the interior reflects the design team’s desire to create a relaxing, moving social hub, a bit like a favourite room in the owner’s house. Just two rows of seats compared to the standard Cube’s three and a full fixed glass panel enhances the sense of spaciousness, while a wheelbase increased by 9.4 inches provides the extra space necessary to accommodate the battery pack.
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Here's a video of the Denki Cube at the British International Motor Show.,39029552,49298359,00.htm
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