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Definition of "Spring 2009"?

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Anyone have any inside information of when we should be seeing them at dealerships?
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My guess is in May.
Are you in the US? Well, this is what I heard, but you may be right.
yeah, i will finish my profile later tonight, have to go and take care of a sick friend for a bit...
Talked to a guy last night and he says April or may. I told him I had heard September and he so no way.
talked to another dealership yesterday and he said "any day now" and "promised me" the FIRST one off the truck.... i should has recorded the conversation, lol
and now the closer dealership says they might have them today! well im going to get one if they get in what i want, lol. any color but white gray and silver, and a manual tranny.....also i want it fully loaded, but i can only cross my fingers that i can afford that :)
Gotten from a Nissan dealer today. . .

Happy New Year! If you have not checked out the Nissan website recently, there has been a lot of info released on the Cube.... I cannot wait for it to arrive!

At this time, there are not dates released for delivery but I can still assist you with your order so that you receive yours first...."
Here in NC we should be getting them 1st week of March not soon enough!
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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