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Dark Grey Cube sighting on the Malahat yesterday

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Hi everyone. I was in Victoria BC yesterday and I finally had my first Cube sighting while driving on the Malahat highway. I was sooooo excited to see it, I think I may have caused some permanent damage to my husbands ears with all my squealing. :D It was sooooo cool looking. Now, If I could only persuade my him to trade our car in for this one, and unfortunately 2 cars is out of the question for us @ this time. :( For All you cubists on Vancouver Island, drive on..... For I love seeing you guys on the road. :yes: :yes:
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:eek: I am in Victoria and have a Dark Grey metallic 1.8SL but it was not me on the Malahat.....yet!
I am in Cordova Bay.
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