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cvt transmission

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are these transmissions expensive to repair???

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Nissan will reportedly not rebuild the CVT transmission, so chances are it would be rather pricey since you would have to replace it. When I asked the dealers, they never seemed to know much about it. I wouldn't worry too much about it though. There have been few issues with it and the transmission has been in Nissans since 2003.
hi thanks for your reply, still can't decide, auto or stick.. i will be buying my cube this year, just waiting for the 2010 to come out, we don't have the krom model here, maybe in the fall.
i talked with a long-time tranny repair shot owner. was told that if you plan on keeping ANY car long term (10+ yrs), that a manual would be the way to go. less moving parts. the won't rebuild them (CVTs) for a reason. btw, i got a CVT. lol! ***crossing fingers***
thanks, my car now is a stick, 20yrs young and still going!!! I tend to keep my cars for a while. I think i will buy the cvt, because that's what i really want, an automatic, and not worry about it , live for today and in the moment. ???
I have a 100,000 warranty so I assume they will just replace it?

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