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The 2010 Cube has 56,00 miles on it.

A while back a burbling noise started while going forward. Recently the noise got louder.

When I had the oil changed at the place I have had my cars serviced for over forty years they confirmed the noise was coming from the transmission.

The Nissan dealer I got to Cube from in 2010 has closed, so went to another Nissan dealer.

They confirmed to noise was coming from the transmission but had no idea what was causing the noise. They suggested either getting a new CVT gearbox (around $4200.00) or getting a new car.

Their final suggestion was since, other than the burbling noise going forward, the car had no other problems, just keep driving the car.

They did not check the level or condition of the CVT fluid. When I asked if changing the CVT fluid (around $202.00) would help, they suggested against changing the CVT fluid because doing this may make things worse.

Anyone else ever have burbling noises coming from their CVT going forward? For those who have worked for the railroad, it sounds something like a bad bearing noise.
I have a manual cube but everything I've read about CVT the problem arises a lot of time due to not changing the CVT fluid, When was the last time it was changed and how many miles on it
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