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I found that the large cup holder to the left of the steering wheel not only holds my iPhone nicely but when on speakerphone it boosts the call volume significantly. It seriously sounds about 2-3x louder in the cup holder than when out of it. Just a tip for those of you with iPhones or other phones with the speaker located at the base of the phone. I nearly bought a bluetooth speaker kit because it was so difficult to hear the iPhone speaker due to the road noise, but having found this perfect little cup holder there's no need now! :yes:


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gCube said:
Not only can it hold a RedBull...
Most don't realize what the little one is for, when you tell them this look of "Ohh Really" comes over there face :D

I was using my TomTom and attached it to the windshield low and had the same response. It was in the middle of the window but it sounded like it was right in front of me and extremely loud. It was like the window was perfectly acoustically tuned to it.
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