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Hey all you Cubist and Cubists-to-be ! We're really stoked on the arrival of the Cube here on the Island...The Canada wide release for the Cube is on May 20th. We'll have 6 here at Riverside Nissan in the Comox Valley by the 25th! Really excited as they look super cool....and us Islanders can sleep in the back waiting for late ferries (woot!) I'll have three 1.8s with CVT, one 1.8s with the M6, and two 1.8sl with the Tech package...IF your looking for a Cube here on the Island, I would be happy to show you what we have...If you're sick of dealing with " car salesmen ", look no further. I'm a younger new-school sales guy who will treat you right, with no pressure and no old "bag of tricks" If you need any more info about our incomming vehicles and live here in BC feel free to ring me at 1-800-595-1988, Riverside Nissan ... Ask for Matt or the bike guy! I think this site is cool, kudos to the creator!
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