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Picked up my Pearl White SL with preferred last Thurs and love it so for.

Just saying Hi

My other car is a lowered Honda Fit sport 8)
My other car is an Slammed S-10 on 20" :yes:
My other car is a Nissan Titan crew cab <--Tows the boat :p

Do you see a pattern here

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Welcome to the forum Christine!

I hope you enjoy your Cube like your other vehicles, I really like mine a lot.

You should post up pictures of them all!

Thanks Dear ;)

Will do, the cubie is not even a week old yet, will have pics of it soon. The fit too.
hi hi! can't wait to see the mods as you get them thru. post up 'em pics as you go! ps. lesse the other cars in your stable! :)
Welcome to the cubenesss :) I hope you to hear your cube adventures.

Kind Regards,
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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