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Cube spotted in U.S.!

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Here's the link:

A Leftlane reader photographed a Nissan Cube in dealing, Michigan, possibly undergoing some figure of testing. Earlier this year, Nissan confirmed the Cube would come in America some time nearest year. The U.S.-bound Cube is expected to be the nearest-generation pattern, which makes the appearance of this general-generation car confusing.

It's potential Nissan simply brought the car to the United States to measure consumer and dealer reaction. Presumably, the nearest Cube won't wander also far from the devise tongue of today's pattern, so plane the general car could be useful for promotional purposes.

The general Cube is certainly nay operator, and the nearest rendering won't be either. The compact city car is propelled by a 1.4-liter I4 producing 90 horsepower. At 2500 lbs, the sprint to 60 mph takes 14 seconds. firing economy is an estimated 26 mpg in the city, and, if you dare, 40 mpg on the high-road. acme speed is 85 mph.

(acknowledgments to Leftlane reader Nate Smist for the tip!)
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Glad to have you on board zerone! Thanks for posting this. I bet this is the same Cube that's been looked at by these sites. I wonder who's turn it is this time.

A 90hp four-banger car should be doing a LOT better than that. And why the huge disparity between city and highway MPG's? Doesn't seem right. Why are such small cars (Smart and now the Cube) getting such crappy gas mileage?

Oh well...back to my skateboard.....
Yep, it's gotta be a typo. From Amnesiac's translated spec sheet, the electric 4WD gets 37mpg per Japan's 10-15 mode. I checked this out with some other sources on the web.

The Cube gets 37 MPG and has something called e-4WD, which includes an electric motor that kicks in when you need it.
From here:

The car gets 38.5 mpg in Japan's 10-15 Test Mode (sort of between our city and highway tests; closer to the city).
From here:
Yeah, it seems this is the test model that's been making the media rounds..
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