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Cube Sneak Preview in Scottsdale, Arizona

6147 Views 9 Replies 3 Participants Last post by  hechtspeed hot rod and custom car enthusiast site has the downlow on a Nissan Cube Sneak Preview in Arizona this weekend.

Sat, May 2nd, Scottsdale Pavilions at 101 and Indian Bend. 10 Nissan Cubes of all different trim styles and all for the first time on the road in the US. This is a sneak preview for AZ only.

Look for a full story on it at

Check out the Nissan site:

I'll link to the story when its released tomorrow or Wed.
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OMG! That's about 4 miles from my house. There go my other plans for Saturday.
Sweet! Let us know how it goes! Take some pics too!

There's the Cube story about the Scottsdale, Az Sneak Peek this weekend.

Got to go to the Scottsdale event today. It was great to actually sit in and see the cube for real in the daytime.I'm really happy I'm getting the Caribbean / light color interior.
The wavy stitched fabric looks great in person.Here are some pictures:

Line ups front & rear & thru the center>>>>

The front dome light

The S non-leather wrapped steering wheel

My color combo

The VERY SEXY G37 convertible was also there

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sneak peak Cube

Awesome! Thanks for posting those pics. Was the GTR there? :)
I've been lurking these forums for quite a while, but for some reason I never registered until now :0P anyway...

Thanks for the great pics, ToThe3rd! I am planning on getting the six-speed caribbean blue Cube with light interior as well :0) Unfortunately, there has been no word from dealers here (Aurora, CO) about when they will be getting them. I'm crossing my fingers for May 5 so I can check one out in person next weekend.
Re: sneak peak Cube

hechtspeed said:
Awesome! Thanks for posting those pics. Was the GTR there? :)
Yup it sure was. Look in the bottom right corner of the first shot.As I had seen 3 before, I gravitated to the G37 as my "OMG I can't believe its here car"
Also I wanted to note:
All the cubes the public had access to at the event had the. . .

Interior Designer Package:
Includes shag carpet dash topper, front door bungees, carpeted front and rear floor mats and carpeted cargo area mat.

Consider this mandatory!While it includes the some what useless (but cool?) shag rug it also provides VERY needed floor mats front & rear.Look carefully @ the 3rd pic down, the center tunnel under the cupholder isn't covered in carpet as much as a compressed felt-like material :eek:. And that ladies & gentlemen is what you'll get if you don't get floor-mats to cover it.And it didn't lookvery high wear tolerant.I'm hoping the aftermarket will provide a good alternative before the wear spots show up. just came out with a sick Cube story.
Oh, this rendering of a hot rod surfer Cube is so Cooooo!!! You gotta check it out. Plus, you can buy the print too!
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