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cube prices in vancouver canada

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we only have 2 cube choices here

1.8S cvt is 19,600.00 + 12% taxes !!!!

1.8SL alloy wheels, a/c digital, push button start, few other stuff....22,000.00 + 12% taxes !!!!

I don't think there will be much room to negotiate.....

if someone finds a better deal here in vancouver let me know!!!

thanx hana.
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i went to regency nissan in north shore yesterday, and the price is pretty much set, no discount , except the battery tax and levy fee it true that they can't give any discount on cube now?
Sounds like bull to me. Dealers ALWAYS have room to negotiate, it depends on whether the boss wans to.
kksc go to morrey nissan and ask for simon, i bought my cube today from him, platinum s model. contact me if you want more details.
i can't wait to get my cube, how long will they need to take to do the paperwork for finance...i put deposit yesterday, and today they are still working on the paperwork...MY GOD..i can't
hope you get it today!!! what did you buy???
i got the SL, and i told the sales i prefer black!!
did you get it yet?????
nooo is getting ridiculous, they are still working on my credit approval!!damn..
how long does it take to do something like that?? maybe it will done tomorrow, or i should say later. your trade in is worth the same if not more than the cube, what's their problem???
i know eh, my trade in value is even higher than the cube, and they said because i have a audi at home that is financing right now, so it may be a little bit difficult to get approve,lol..that is insane, and i never missed a payment for my audi and my bimmer before, not even once!!i will call them again later today to see what is the status!!
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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