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Cube in MN

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And a warm welcome to our next guest...ALLEXEDUP! (that's all exed up, i promise my name is not alex)

Got my steel grey Cube about a month ago and have been lurking here since. It's an S CVT that earned me 4500$ on a very beatup 92 Ranger. No real options to speak of, just the mudflaps on top of the "optional" interior lighting and design packs. While not fond of the carpet on the dash it has proven to be a very useful hat holder.

Anywho, I still haven't seen another Cube on the road although the wife has. I can't believe with how hard they were to find that there arn't more around. Oh well, I gets to be differn't.

I plan on some mild mods; lighting, stereo, intake etc. nothing too nuts. OH i want those window deflector things real bad!

So greetings from the twin cities everyone, stay 3 dimensional
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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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