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The quirky Nissan Cube could be coming to Australia offering small-car practicality with large-car interior space.

The current version of the Cube went on sale in Japan in 2002 and was an instant success, especially with the younger generation.

The Nissan Cube’s combination of distinctive styling – defined by its boxy shape – and spacious interior made it a hit with city drivers.

Now Nissan Australia is considering selling the Cube here as a way of appealing to younger buyers, including the all important generation Y.

“We’re definitely interested in the Cube … to appeal to Gen Y buyers,” says Ross Booth, Nissan Australia general manager, marketing. “It’s the sort of vehicle that would help expand our brand and appeal to a new generation of buyers.”

Booth concedes the Japanese-market-only Cube has many hurdles to overcome before it arrives here; he rates the chances at “around 30 per cent”.

“There’s no clear competitor … and it’s a car that’s been copied by the likes of Toyota, so there’s obviously appeal there.”

The Cube would likely sell for around $25,000, making it a relatively expensive proposition given its modest 1.5-litre engine. That would also position it close to the Dualis softroader 4WD, which sells from $28,990.

“It all depends on being able to sell enough and making sure there’s a market for a vehicle like the Cube,” says Booth. “But it would provide a positive brand halo and bring new buyers to the Nissan brand.”

There is a catch, though; the current Cube is approaching the end of its model cycle, so the Cube Australians could see would be the yet-to-be-released new model.
There's a good video on the Cubic with the article. You'll need Flash player to view it.

The article can be found at <a href=""></a>
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