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Cube @ Chicago Auto Show

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The green one is my favorite!

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looks good!
In looking @ the cube @ Autoblog I noticed the dead buttons on the steering wheel.I'd rather not have the redundant steering wheel controls @ all if they are gonna just put a whole set of dead plugs staring me in the face all the time on the other side of the wheel.This is beyond cheesy. And the worst is this is even on the Krom. The top model. Which ya'd think would have had the start button too.
I fear how they are gonna cheap out on lesser cubes.

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O.K. I can now see from the article that the dead buttons aren't there. My new assumption was that the car show car had pre-production pieces.

Nice! I can't wait for it to show up at my local Kansas city used car lot. Please, please, please! :yes:
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