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Hey, just joined the forum from Canada.....

So, I went to the Vancouver auto show this weekend. I got there just after the doors opened to get some good shots of the rides before too many people arrived. Made a bee line straight over to the Nissan area and to my surprise the Cube was at the centre of the Nissan space with its own display! I was expecting the 370Z to be on a display but no, it was the Cube that was the centre of attraction. Ha, ha 370Z!

It was pretty cool 'cause they actually let us sit in it and even let me pop the hood for some engine photos. I've read on this site that many of the other shows were for viewing the Cube only and no touching allowed! My first impressions were that it looked and felt bigger than what I had thought, with ample room in the interior. As expected, it's no high end luxury, but the materials felt quite durable, not flimsy and cheep. I really liked the Safari Green Cube that was on display but wish they could have showed it with some better wheels (had some nasty hub cap lookin' things on, yuck).

Anyways, I'm glad I finally got to see one in person and have to say that I was not disappointed. Glad to join the community! Here are some photos from the show.


1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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