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Crash tests?

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Hi -- I'm hoping to buy a Cube very soon, but my parents and boyfriend are insisting on seeing some type of crash test information. I know the U.S. crash test ratings are not out yet, but does anyone know if there is any type of info from Japan that I can possibly direct them to? I'm sure it's a safe car, but crash test info is very important to them. Thanks!
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Welcome Michelle.

Here are some some crash test videos for the previous generation Cube with the ratings provided by the poster of these videos. I don't know where he/she got the source for the rating... I'm curious to find out the crash test ratings for the current generation Cube as well.
5 star safety rating. The side impact crash test of the Nissan Cube SX, done by JNCAP.
4 star driver and 4 star passenger safety ratings. The full-frontal crash test of the Nissan Cube SX, done by JNCAP. Results also apply to the Nissan Cube³ (Nissan Cube3).
Stickers on the cars so far don't show any ratings for crash safety. They still says untested.
Thanks! This is very helpful!
They haven't been rated yet by the safety board, yet compared to safety features of the Honda Fit they have the same included safety options and compared to the Scion XB, the Cube actually has more. They have been given 5 stars for safety, but no official crash testing has been done. However, with that in mind, we purchased one yesterday and we have two children whom will spend a significant amount of time in one. My husband has double checked all ratings and decided it was a safe vehicle. I would be shocked if it was reported any different.
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