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So while driving on the freeway I was kinda near a big rig and of course, a rock went flying at me and it hit the bottom
corner of the driver's side windshield. It made a spide crack and a long 6 inch crack plus the inner glass crack as well.
I just learned that all windshield is made with a glass layer then a plastic layer and then another glass layer.

I tried repairing it with a Permatex repair kit, What I found out is it's great for spider cracks, but long straight cracks not so good. if I ever just get a spider crack
I would get a Permatex repair kir or Rainx repair kit. Don't buy the no-name crap, they don't work as well I tried it,

I just had too many cracks and there were cracks in the second layer glass that I couldn't get to, and couldn't put any resin on it. I'm sure I could have driven it for months or maybe a few years without any problems but didn't want to take any chances.

A friend told me to check out SAFELITE which is a national chain that repairs auto glass, They wanted $360 just to repair. So I went on Yelp and got online quotes from 4 different highly rated windshield replacement companies, I got a quote from $120 to $260 even the highest was like $100 cheaper to replace not repair the windshield compared to Safelite.

So I went with the $120 it was close by and highly rated they offer no mobile service which is fine. I talked to them on yelp and they had my windshield at the shop and when I went it took about an hour to replace it. It wasn't an OEM windshield but that's fine, maybe Safelite does and that's why they charge so much but I doubt they do from what I read on reviews.

What was the only difference in the windshield from OEM was the there was no blue tint on top of the windshield like the OEM that's it.

If anyone is in the Los Angeles area and needs a windshield replaced I would contact Low auto glass in Wilmington just yelp them, That's who I used and cheap fast, and efficient service. I believe they can get you an OEM window also but I'm sure it'll cost you way more. They do all windows
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