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Just mentioning this in passing. :)

Has anybody noticed the front cover of the current
"Consumer Reports New Car Preview 2010",
that there is a very nice shot of our Cube 8) with a ford something or other. :roll:
I'd take the Cube any day. :yes:
It looks to be in Dark Gray Metallic Platinum/Steel Gray/Gunmetal Gray or Twilight Grey.


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ChristineK said:
I just got my consumer reports issue and it has "Best Drugs" & "Best American Sedan" on the cover. ???

I am curious how CR will rate the cube, VAN?? or up against the Fit,Versa,Soul group.

This is NOT the regular Consumers Reports magazine.
It is a special new car preview of 2010 cars and costs C$7.99 in Canada.
It says on cover "display until Nov 16,2009".
It is a US magazine exported to Canada.
It lists best values,266 cars,trucks,suvs etc.Buying tips etc.
There is not much info regards the Cube as it is too 'New"!
On Page 8 they tested a 1.8s version with CVT.
Very sketchy review on page 134.
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