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Clear bra material for door thresholds?

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I've had my cube a few weeks now and REALLY like it!
I did not get the led kickplates that protect the door threshold paint from scratches.
I'm reading about the clear bras that cover the front. Seems like it needs professional installation to match up the curves.
For the 4 door thresholds is there some clear low adhesive poly-something tape that would cover the paint and protect it? I think 4 rectangle pieces as long as the door width and about 6" wide would do the trick.

Anyone know of this material or heard of pre-cut strips?

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It's kinda off topic, but where did you find a clear bra for the front. I need to get one for mine asap.
If you look at the lower quarter of the doors you will see protective film already exists on the vehicle due to tire sling. I have not seen a clear bra. Do post a link please.

The only problem I have with this is if you get a chip in the applique you see it peeled up or a thickness in the layer.
Also it would have a glue layer that would collect dirt and grime once nicked.
I went to Lowes and got a roll of the clear plastic that goes down over carpet to protect it. It has some sticky stuff on one side that does not leave any residue when pulled off. I made a template and put on two layers.
alot of tinting places do clear-bra 's
they are rather $$$ but alot cheaper than fixing all the chips and repainting, good luck
I have a clear bra for my Clubman. It's a life saver with the low bonnet. Yesterday I had my Cube's front windows tinted by a professional installer. I also had the headlights and foglights covered with the protective film. It cost $51 for the lights, $79 for the two windows, but it saves a fortune in prevention. This shop in Prescott, AZ has worked on my MINI, the Porsche for the short time I had it, and now the Cube. He told me it would be $400 for a clear bra. It seems like a lot, but then I think about repainting or repair costs and it makes sense.

I had the MINI done at the dealership before delivery and clear bra for front, mirrors, back bumper was $800. Dealerships charge more, but it is an art and I wanted it done right. I tried covering the front lights on the MINI. It was impossible. I watched it installed when I finally took it to the installer and it was not a piece of cake. The curves, especially on the foglights, made it a long, tedious job. Even he said that in all the years he has done this the MINI's foglights were the only ones that nearly beat him.

Years ago my husband applied film to my BMW's lights. They ended up looking horrible. It didn't hurt the lights, but it was ugly. It convinced me to have a professional handle any car I love.
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go to e bay, punch in nissan cube clear bra or just nissan cube, it will come up, its not expensive and custom cut already for the cube
I had the 3 M transparent tape instaled in front and on the front door sills. It is almost invisible and should protect the paint. 8)
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