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Carolina Cubin'

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3 days and have been stopped 7 times. Gotta love the Cube! Charlotte, NC
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Hi iBass,

Welcome to!!!

What Cube model and color did you get? Post up pictures too! :)

It's a Scarlet Red S with the Ginormous package. My wife absolutely loves driving it. She says it is so easy to drive and surprisingly comfy!


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aw, she and the cube are so cute together! there aren't many red cube owners on this forum, so it's nice to see another one (though i myself am cubeless at the moment). welcome :D
congrats on the cube! i've only seen one other red driving around. we're all still pretty rare wherever we are! kinda cool eh? welcome to the club!
From one newbie to another: "welcome!" 8)

I hope I never get pulled over :eek:
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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