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Can't stop smiling since my family acquired a Caribbean Blue 1.8SL last week! It's good to find this forum. We are another cash for clunkers success story :yes:. Traded a Dodge Caravan (97) just in time to buy all the big stuff for our kitchen remodel, but the cube carries plenty! My only regret is fewer seats for kids because I'm involved with a junior youth group (pre teen ages), but we've got great families so we're sure to have enough drivers for trips and activities.

I love color so splurged with the illumination package on the argument that while I almost never where makeup, sometimes I like to get dolled up. It was frivolous, but our last new car was in 1991 and the last two cars we owned came from elders who had passed on, so I think we can handle a little accessories bling.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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