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Can't find the cube for me!

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Well, after looking for the past 5 days I think I might have to order a cube. Anyone that has ordered, how long did it take to get yours?

I would like a white SL with just an interior package and I can't find one within 400 miles of where I live. IF I do find a white they have aero kits and other expensive add-ons which quickly ups the price.

Also, if I order now maybe I should just wait for the 2010 model? Dealers have said anywhere from oct-feb for the new model.

I had no clue this would become an issue, lol. I have my loan approved and now I just need to find my cute lil cube! :) Any advice or insight would be appreciated!

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i think ordering is possible, but my dealer said that it wasn't. they looked baffled when i suggested that other dealers could do it. also, my educated guess is that the 2010 will launch in november. good luck!
the 2010 model will probably be released early next year. it wouldn't make much sense for them to release next year's model so soon after this year's...people might assume there was something wrong with the '09s and might thus avoid cubes altogether.

i ordered my cube august 1 and they estimated that it will arrive at the end of october at the very latest. the two dealers near me were both willing to do custom orders, though the first one was reluctant and tried to charge me a lot more. the second place was happy to do it and didn't give me any trouble :)
I ordered my Cube on Memorial Day weekend, and was told it would take 45 to 60 days, normally closer to 45 days, but figure on 60 to be safe. On about day 50, they called to tell me they had a confirmed delivery date, August 22, which will make it almost 90 days! Waa! Oh well, that is now only 10 days away. WooHoo!
i called nissan canada in early july to ask when the 2010 will be out , they said next year. you could call nissan usa...
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