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can you buy just the base sl model with no extra packages?

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If so is there a trick to doing so? that's what i'd love to find. But one dealer told me if you get an sl you have to get one of the packages and that just sounds way shady. then another dealer was looking around in the area outside their dealership and said all of the sl's in the area had some sort of extra package. I just want the base sl and nothing more. any one have any tips on if this is even possible?

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Square1 is right - if you order one, you can specify what you do/don't want. Or, you can get lucky like we did, and stumble on a Cube that hasn't been dealer-prepped yet. They had ours in the showroom with 4 miles on it. It didn't even have the dealer name/logo on it yet. Lucky for us.
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