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Cabin MicroFilter

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Hello Cubists,

Does anyone know where the cabin air filter is located, and how to access it? I know those things can get nasty pretty quick and would like to inspect it. The owners manual was of no use on this.


2009 1.8 SL
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Thanks to AyaRei for the quick reply.

I just recently got the service manual and haven't become familiar with it yet. I did try to find the info there before posting. I ended up reading the 'HA' and 'HAC' sections, not seeing the 'VTL' section.

Thanks again,

Phoenix Arizona area
AyaRei said:
No problem, That's what we're here for.
I agree totally, keep it up 8)

Boost to you :yes:
AyaRei said: replace such a mundane object as a filter!!
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