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Brown CUBE @ Some autoshow....

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Hi Folks,

-Not sure where the location is, but the 2 enthusiasts wanted to know how Scion will make a comeback once the Cube hits the streets.
It does seem nice but I still haven't seen one in person. I might go to the show in PA, but at the same time I hope I'm able to sit in one of them or it will just be a waste of time.

-Automobile Magazine said that the sunroof won't come here since they feel "Americans will break the Shoeji screen too easily." Maybe true, but don't Japanese have impatient fingers too? Let's see what finally happens when this thing come here. These cars displayed at the autoshow are still early US spec models.

Woody (The Car Nerds.Com).
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That is a beautiful color. It's great that at that autoshow the crowd can get right up next to it.
Yes, the color looks nice but I am not sure if I will go to the show in Philly or not since they have one on display.
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