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Bluetooth Handsfree phone issue

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Does anyone else have an issue with straining to hear the person your talking to through the speakers? I also bought a 2009 rouge with the bluetooth and the volume of the person talking is soooo much louder. In the cube, I have to max the volume on the radio and make sure all the windows are up just to barely hear the person talking

if anyone has or doesnt have this problem, please let me know before I got to Nissan

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That is weird. Mine is fine, just fine.

I'm guessing since mine is fine that yours could be an issue with your phone?

What make and model phone do you have, maybe it isn't completely compatible.

Here is a link to the Nissan bluetooth site, one of those links also takes you to a list of compatible phones.
I have a samsung blackjack 2 and its on the list. thanks for sending me the link to confirm it. Yeah on my rouge, I can turn the volume up half way and here the voice talking outside the vehicle. definitely not like the cube where I have to have the windows up and still strain. Time to call Nissan I guess.

thanks for answering ;D
after hours of fooling around, i found out it was my phone. i deleted my phone and paired it again and works much better now
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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