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Ok, been a while since I've been on here because I simply forgot about the site in general. That and my computer crashed that had my bookmarks but I remembered just a few minutes ago about the site for some reason and wanted to ask everyone for some info.

So onto the story with pics.

My significant other was driving my 09 cube around with her aunt because it was the turnover week for it. (We drive one vehicle one week then the other the following week.) She was about to go up the treacherous driveway to her aunt's house when the ball joint on the lower arm gave out. The driver side front wheel turned outward and yanked the axle out of the transmission along with the universal joint. (Pic below)

I need info, bad.

Will I need to replace the automatic cvt transmission? Was it damaged? I have no clue about cvt trannys and what happens if the universal joint is forcefully removed like it was. I'm honestly poor, I'll admit that due to being disabled and insurance won't cover it at all.

Any information I can get would be greatly appreciated. View attachment 6409
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How many miles did your cube have when the lower control arm broke?
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