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Best Location For Aftermarket Bluetooth Kit, Remote, Etc.

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I didn't get the preferred package and was thinking about buying the Jabra SP700 or Motorola T505 Bluetooth car kits with the speakerphone and FM transmitter option to run calls and music through the stereo. Does anyone have either kit? I read that both are absolutely terrific set-ups.

Where would be a good place to locate the peripheral beside the visor? Any ideas? Same question for garage door remotes and radar detectors. I can't stand the gigantic garage door remote I have clipped to my visor, are there any slimmer/sleeker alternatives?

Also, the Cube doesn't have the integrated remote/dimmable rear view mirror, correct?

Thanks for your help in advance! :)
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No ideas? C'mon guys! :roll:
yeah.. i hear you about the remote and things like that...

i would have LOVED a homelink type system... in the meantime, i just put the remote in the cupholder by the vent.

i think a headliner cubby system would have been great. there is so much head room that i think at least a sunglass holder and some pockets would have easily fit.

i hoping the aftermarket will come up with something good. i hoping the armrest solution will work.
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