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yesterday (sunday 22) was the battle of the imports at the fontana speedway, this is the first carshow for the cube since we started the build of it so we had a few feelings flying on the air :-[
we placed second place for best nissan, not bad for been the first show ;D
not to many pics since there,s really nothing new out there except! ugly car on a green paint job...sorry but when you build a show car there is no space or gaps for this kinds of mickey mouses this peron did on this green car :D :D but here they are judge for yourself

how about that fake carbon fiber trunk :eek: :eek: :eek:

some new interesting products (SRR bumper quik release) we actually been looking for this ones for the longest time for our xb

and the rest is the cube and a friend who was racing his honda on the quarter mile

pretty fun show....the eye of the scion comunity was really open towards the cube :sick: must be smelling danger aproaching haa haa!
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