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Base Model Cargo Light

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Has anyone had some experience with adding lighting to the Cube yet? I bought a Base Model 6spd Manual for the price break, thinking I could do most of the upgrades I wanted after market...

... the only thing I forgot was the Cargo Light! I'm a musician, and after a few gigs worth of loading gear in / out in the dark, I totally need a light back there. The main interior light doesn't even stay on with the back door ajar.

Does anyone know if they sell that light as a factory part? Or the map light piece like what comes with the S / SL models? Any ideas on wiring or connecting them to turn on while to door is open?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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Not sure, but in the meantime, the local Auto parts stores have some neat lighting add-ons, I saw a touch light with LEDS that will prob be brighter than the stock cargo light I have in my S.

I believe the mount is simply peel and stick anywhere you want the light.
Thanks for the reply. That seems to be the direction I'll be going, though for ease of use, I'd love to find a way to tie it into the car's wiring so it'll just auto turn on when the door's opened.

Is the location of the Cargo light in the S / SL models on the right wall of the Cargo Bay? There is a small indentation there on my Cube... looks like something should / could go there. The service manual seems to suggest that's its' location. I'll take a pic here in a bit and post the area I'm talking about. If so, it's just about the right size for a nice bar shaped Touch LED to go. That could work until I get the courage to tear the wiring apart :)
Yes it's on the right side (passenger side).
My cargo light does not seem to turn on/off with the door. Is this a "feature"?
There is a switch at the bottom area of the unit.
Anyone has luck puting in after market lights in the cargo area? Looking at the FSM I didn't see there are any instruction on how to take off the panel for the cargo light area. I would like to do that so I can see if there are wires already available. That would make life much easier to add a LED light and hopefully there is a already a switch that is activated by the rear door.

Appreciate it if anyone can provide info on taking off that panels/best way to add lights back there.

miata007 said:
hopefully there is a already a switch that is activated by the rear door.
Nope :(
You can add an eight LED panel from Pep Boys. Just pop off the plastic cover, pull out the bulb and replace it with the LED panel (panel has a bulb adapter). It fits perfectly and the light is very bright.

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VFC is quite correct very easy install and it gives it an awesome look ! I have done the same thing with my cargo along with my dome which i installed a 20 led panel in it.. you can even purchase your map lights through and look for 3 of the T13-x6 Wedge Base LED bulbs ...
Our based Cube does not come with cargo light so there are no cover back there to pop out. One way to so is to remove the panel and cut an opening to add the LED light. I still need to know how the panel can be removed and know if is wire power readily available.

I was a Frys yesterday and saw they have some push botton led lights for $6.99 (package of 3). They are battery operated and can be stick anywhere. I put one in my Cube last nite and looks pretty good. The lights are white...very functional.

I intend to put the remaining 2 somewhere in front to use as map lights or something. This solution is cost effective. I am expecting the batter to last since they are leds ....actually 3 leds per light.

FWIW -- it's quite possible some used cargo light assemblies are available at junk yards by now. You probably already have the cargo door switch since the security system would need it. Might be interesting to price the assembly at the dealer.

none said:
My cargo light does not seem to turn on/off with the door. Is this a "feature"?
Typically, the manual switch installed in the cargo light assembly has two positions. One being off, and the other being on-with-cargo-door-open.
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