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My daughter owns a 2011 Nissan Cube. A friend who was installing a new battery in the car accidentally touched a wrench between the positive post of the battery and the negative cable of the battery. The guy burned his hand because the wrench he was using got extremely hot . After that the car's ECM tested bad and the car would not start, even though the starter turned over. When we plugged in the OBD scanner it indicted it "Failed to Connect with ECM." We took it to the Nissan dealership and they stated that the ECM was likely damaged by shorting out the battery. They said that for $1,900 they would perform a through system check, but if the ECM was damaged, we we would be facing a minimum of another $2000 to replace and reprogram the computer. They suggested that we mail the computer to an ECM repair business and let them fix it.

We sent the ECM out for a repair, and it was returned, the company stated that it was beyond repair, but they did not elaborate, despite repeated phone calls and emails. I sent it to a second repair facility, G7 Computer. They agreed to fix and reprogram it for around $200. I sent it to them and they sent it back stating that it had been fixed, but when I installed it, I again got the OBD scanner reading that it ""Failed to Connect with ECM."

We seem to have run out of options. It would not be feasible for her to spend a minimum of $3,900 with no guarantee that it could be fixed. She works at a local day care center and does not have the money for a repair that expensive.

Attached is a photo of the OBD reading. Also, I have a video of the actual test at this link:

I have run numerous circuit tests throughout the vehicle and have found no burned or shorted connections. Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions?

Thank you.

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