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Back hatch won't unlock, but will lock (No, it's not the actuator)

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So when I use my intela-key, I can click on the lock button and you can hear the motor turning the worm gear to lock. I then took the unit apart and found that the motor was indeed turning the worm gear so that it would lokc the door. When you click on the unlock button twice, it will not engage the motor to turn the worm gear in the opesit direction. I then tested the motor with a 9V battery and found that it would turn freely both ways. I then tested the metal leads that were going to the motor from the wire harness side and found that they too are working properly. I then traced it down to the connectors just below the dash on the drivers side, behind the fuse box and found that I am only getting power to a purple wire when I click the lock button, which I assume is the one that is powering the lock wire connector in the hatch. I was wondering if anyone else ran into this problem and if so, what where you able to find out to fix this issue. I have also looked everywhere for a complete wiring diagram and can't seem to find it. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.
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