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b.c. to washington

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i went down to edmonds washington for a few days, not in my cube. not one single cube sighting :eek: but a lot of scions.
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awww... shoulda hit me up! My in-laws live in Edmonds. We take lots of pics at the Ferry Terminal down there:

Still haven't seen any other Cubers on the road. I actually got a thumbs down from a fellow Nissan owner. WTF? He was in POS 240SX with mismatched body panels and ghetto wheels---drifting wanna-be mf. whatevers. Next time I see him I'll show him he's #1!

Anyways, next time you're in the dirty dirty, gimme a shout! we'll have a north-south mini-meet! :)
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hey eldizzle like your lingo :) first time in edmonds, i use to go to seattle alot but never stopped at edmonds. nice place, went to ezelles? for chicken yummy :yes: i'll let you know the next time i come down and it will be with my cube :yes:
drove down to burlington washington thursday and saw a black cube in the distance, i screamed, cube, cube,
my friend said, don't try and catch up to them you'll kill us!!! :D was it anybody on this forum??
Hehe u're hilarious hana....LOL

Our cube has been down to downtown seattle twice! will be going a third time in Oct, this time with my parents! :D
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