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Dealer markups are just sad.

All they do is hurt the manufacturer in lost sales. When the Dodge Neon SRT-4 first came out, my local Dodge dealer had a markup on there first one of $3000.00. It was just funny, I laughed and told the Sales manager that that thing would never sell, he didn't believe me. And what happened? It sat in the showroom for nine months before it finally sold.

I got my Krom for 19,200.00 when the MSRP is 20,320.00 dollars!

According to what I've read, with the invoice on it, the dealer still made around five hundred dollars on the sale.

I think what seemed to help was that when I walked into the showroom, they had two Skyline GT-R's sitting in there marked at MSRP. I was so surprised and shocked to see that there wasn't any markup on them that I went straight to the Sales Manager and congratulated him on not being so greedy as a lot of the dealers marking them up twenty thousand plus dollars. I guess it made a good impression because he mentioned it to the salesman that I said that and that is why he came down so low off the MSRP for my Cube.

I think I did alright dealing with them for my Cube. I said I wouldn't pay any more than $19,000.00 and they came back with $19,200.00 and I took it.
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