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I'm looking to buy a Cube but still undecided on the transmission .
I've had plenty of cars in the past 36 years some of which have been Manuel others which have been auto .

Every car I've owned more then a year has had new filters and an Engine oil change ever 1year to 2 years .
I dont drive like Jason Streatham when he's running a bit late nor like a 78 yo vicar .
When diving an auto I've owned when stationary I've left them in drive with my foot on the brake , I've never had a problem with an auto box ever.
Having done a bit of research the CVT seams a better and far superior smoother gearchange with less revs and more fuel economy I totally get why people prefer the CTV over the Auto which is higher revving between gearchanges and more jolty .

Is comparing a CVT with an auto box a bit like comparing the bike that has the old fashioned Sturmey Archer internal hub gears on a bicycle that requires little maintenance compared to the same bike that has derailleur gears but so much more efficient .

2 neighbours buy a Nissan cube from new ,they both drive the same way , they both drive the same distance in similar traffic and they both service their cars at the same intervals .
Who's gearbox is more likely to fail first , neighbour A with his 4 speed auto or neighbour B CVT ?
My question is when it comes to robustness and durability is the auto the best choice ?
I dont understand your question if your buying a cube in the US its either Manual or CVT. I have a 2010 Manual cube for 8 years and have had no major issues with it. The Nissan CVT's are horrible
and known to be one fo the worst in the auto industry.
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