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At a cross roads (offset help)

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I'm looking at 15x7 wheels, and they are offered in +38 and +15

I'm really concerned about my fitment, and I want it flush not sunken in like factory.

I'm really worried about fitment, since the back doesn't have adjustable camber.... any suggestions from someone fitting something similar.... I wouldn't be worried about it as much, except I plan to slam for VIP Kei Car styling.

I'll be up late pondering, let's discuss it... either here or on my AOL: DJMidol <----- gotta good story on that name lol. Same AOL Account for 10 years.
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+38 would be sunken in. +15 would poke a little.

Personally, I'd get the +38s and get spacers to achieve the look you want.
1 - 2 of 16 Posts
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