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Almost the same story as AZRP! I went to my Nissan dealership to check out the size and comfort of the Murano, and it was not comfortable to my liking. The salesman asked me to look at the Cube - when I was through laughing I found that it was comfortable.

My better half fell in love with the looks of it and we bought a white SL with the Preferred Package the next day.

That was last Wednesday. It should arrive on the truck next Thursday. We were lucky, the dealership ordered it in early May and since we put a deposit on it other customers and dealers have tried to buy it. The gray interior seems to be popular, but Nissan produced mostly black interiors for the first batch.

Test drive was OK. A little noisy on the Interstate, but fine for round town. Biggest plus is the extra two feet of garage space it will not be needing. Now I can get to my workbench. :)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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