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Aftermarket parts

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Any 1 else think the aftermarket parts seem really slow in coming??? In no time at all there was a flood of parts for the scions........short shifters, half a dozen inytakes, headers, mufflers, custom lights, all manner of aero kiyts and grilles and interior mods like cestom arm rests. If i get a cube, i,m only looking to do a few simple things to it,but i,m just suprised how little is available so far. part of the fun when i had an xb was checking out oll of the mod parts and reading about the comparisons or ratings on the scion site.
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we're in a time of bad economy. Lots of companies aren't pushing and trying out lots of product due to the costs and such. Yeah I know it sucks... I'm pretty sure and HOPEFULLY when things gets better more stuff will open up. I know Tanabe has parts for our cars.
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